Higher Physics Revision Set One

  1. A search helicopter flies 300km due east from its base then 400km due south to another base in a time of 2 hours.
    a) What is the helicopter`s displacement from the first base?
    b) What is the average speed of the flight?
    c) What is its average velocity for the flight?

  2. Linda was measuring the acceleration of gravity. Her results were, in m/s2:
    9.72, 9.83,10.52, 9.67 and 9.82.
    What was the average value of the acceleration and what is the random error in the result?

  3. A car travelling with a velocity of 12m/s accelerates at 3m/s2 along a distance of 200m.
    What will be the cars velocity at the end of the 200m?

  4. From the following acceleration time graph draw the corresponding velocity time graph.

  5. A basketball player jumps 0.85m into the air.
    He has a forward velocity of 2.5m/s.
    a) the velocity he left the ground with,
    b) the time he was in the air,
    c) and the horizontal distance he moved during the jump.

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