Higher Physics Revision Set Two

  1. In an orienteering competition Sally runs 8km due east, 3km due south and then finally 5km due west
    She takes 3 and a half hours to do this.
    a) What is Sally`s displacement from her start point?
    b) What would be her average velocity for this part of the competition?

  2. In an experiment to measure the acceleration of a trolley down a slope, Shaheen took the following readings:
    initial velocity 5.3cm/s0.1
    final velocity 8.8cm/s0.1
    distance travelled 50cm0.01

    Find the acceleration and percentage error.

  3. A javelin coach instructs his pupil to throw the javelin as close to 45 degrees to the horizontal as possible.
    The girl throws the javelin with a velocity of 28m/s at 45 degrees to the horizontal.
    a) Find the horizontal distance the javelin travelled.
    b) Now calculate the horizontal distance the javelin would travel if thrown with a velocity of 28m/s at 35 degrees to the horizontal.
    c) What would the distance be if she threw the javelin at 28m/s at 55 degrees to the horizontal?

  4. The following graph shows how the velocity of the Mars rover vehicle varied during one of its excursions in July 1997.

    a) Draw the corresponding acceleration time graph for the excursion.
    b) What would be the total displacement of the rover from its starting point?

  5. Find the time it takes for a sandwich to fall from the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, which is 55m high.
    Assume no air resistance.

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